That's me!

Hello to everybody who has found my blog!

My name is Ralf. I’m living near Trier in Germany and I’m a software tester!

If you‘ re interested in professional software testing, then you might be right here!

I’m a software tester by passion. So with this blog I will write something about software testing. It would be nice, to give me some feedback about my articles, if you want.

Inspired by some other quite good blogs about testing, I also decided to create an own blog.

The question is: Why do I’ve named my blog „thespiritoftesting“? The answer is, that in my opinion, testing is much more then checking if a system under test will show us the right output(s) after setting the right input(s) to it as premises. Testing has always something to do with: requirements, usabillity, asking questions, making models, your own mind, side effects, and, and, and. . . . .and finaly to find bugs in the system under test. So in my opinion, testing has it’s own spirit!

I’ve one request to you as gentle reader: English language is not my mother language cos I’m German. Please consider this. I’m certainly very glad, if you can poin’t me to some spelling mistakes etcetera.

The other thing is, that I don’t have the time, to write every day or every week. But I will try to write at least one article per month.

But now, I’d like to close my first article with a sentence I somewhere heard about testing (I don’t know where and when I heard it 🙂 ):

„Testen kann nicht beweisen, dass etwas funktioniert, aber der Versuch zu zeigen, dass es nicht funktioniert, verbessert seine Verlässlichkeit!“

In English (more or less 🙂 ):

„Testing can not prove, that something works fine, but the attempt to show that it doesn’t work fine, improves it’s reliability!“

KR, Ralf


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Hi folks! My name is Ralf and I'm living in Germany. I'm a software tester. And I'm doing this job by passion. My ultimate ambition is always to find bugs in software. And there are so many ways to do that... In my opinion, testing is more then checking, if an exepected result will come true when the necessary premisses exists... Testing has always something to do with: exploring the SUT, usability, requirements, asking the right questions, asking them to the right people, metrics, models, your own mind, and, and, and... So testing has his own spirit. If you like to know more, I'd like to invite you to follow my blog: thespiritoftesting.wordpress.com KR, Ralf

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