The petition against ISO 29119

There’s a petition against the ISO testing standard 29119 on

Some infos about the standard itself can be found here:

Me, as a passionate tester decided to sign this petition because of following reasons:

1) In general I dislike standards. I’m a creative worker. And I belief that any standard will disturb creative work. Modern testing and software developement is a creative work. Every further extra work which need’s to be done by any person to fullfill the requirements of a standard might be disturbing and might even kill this creative and modern working processes!

2) Are the „state of the art“ working methods in sofware developement and testing projects concidered in the ISO 29119 standard? One example why I think that this is not the case: In the ISO 29119 itself there is no important word given about modern approaches or methodologies in software developement and tesing projects. At least I haven’t seen them in this overview here. I will name only the keywords: „Agile“ in general or „Exploratory testing (or should I say: explorative working in general ?)“. So wat standard should that be that doesn’t respect all that „modern“ stuff which is realy needed and is „state of the art“ in every day’s work in modern software developemenent and testing?

3) The genreal approach, that some people say „Here is a new standard – please use that now for all your work“ is something I doesn’t like. What right do they have to do so? Only when I can do my testing work „independent“ from any disturbing things, I can do my work good and bring in real value to the company I work for by e. g. finding new bugs fast, finding intersting insights and aspects for my stakeholders – year bringing value to them and so on.

4) The standard costs money. Ok, that might be nothing new because all standards costs money. But I think you have to buy the pig in a pork here because it seems that there’s no chance to get a full overview about what concrete detailed topics of the ISO 29119! So is it realy a standard? I think no!

5) I believe on Jerry Weineberg’s (see: homepage here) quote about quality: „Quality is value to some person“. And I think that when using such a standard I as a passionate tester can’t fullfill this to my stakeholders (persons who matters about the quality of the SUT I have in test) because I think I don’t have the time for really creative testing rather then doing annoying documentation work to fullfill a standard!

I think there are several other reasons why any passionate tester who loves his work should sign the petition. The 5 here named, are the main reasons for me why I desided to sign the petition.

best regards, Ralf


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Hi folks! My name is Ralf and I'm living in Germany. I'm a software tester. And I'm doing this job by passion. My ultimate ambition is always to find bugs in software. And there are so many ways to do that... In my opinion, testing is more then checking, if an exepected result will come true when the necessary premisses exists... Testing has always something to do with: exploring the SUT, usability, requirements, asking the right questions, asking them to the right people, metrics, models, your own mind, and, and, and... So testing has his own spirit. If you like to know more, I'd like to invite you to follow my blog: KR, Ralf

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