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Hi all!

Back home again from my first visit at a software testing conference I want do share my thoughts about it. I also write down some of my thoughts about how to attend software testing conferences in general.

Tasting Let’s Test BeNeLux

Yesterday I visited the ‚Tasting Let’s Test BeNeLux‘ conferene in Breda (NL). It was the first time for me I have visited a testing conference.

The people behind the ‚Let’s Test‘ conferences are people from the so called ‚context driven testing‘ comunity (see here http://context-driven-testing.com/ for more info).  They movers and shakers write in their website http://lets-test.com s. th. like ‚from testers for testers‘ (see here http://lets-test.com/?page_id=2052). And also the ‚Tasting Let’s Test BeNeLux‘ in Breda (NL) was not too far away from my home town.

All this made me courious enough to give it a try and so I drove down to Breda to attend the conference.

My impressions from the conference

I was not alone there! The guys were right as they said ‚from tester for testers‘. It was an international conference with round about 100 people. So I met people from several countries. Based on the region the conference took place I mostly met tester collegues from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany. But also one presenter from the USA.

Good thanks it turned out that the event was NOT a forum for vendors or ‚political speakers‘ 🙂 for presenting and selling new super testing tools and paradigms to people! Thank good it wasn’t!!! But that was the fear I had before attending.

Instead of this a couple of presentations really ‚from testers for testers‘ where shown. And we refer about it! But not only presentations took place. All people including the presenters had every time the chance for a ‚meet and greet‘ at the ‚test lab‘. People also could win some prices if they did some work at the ‚test lab‘ depending based on a presentation shown before.

The daily work as a software tester or test manager or in general the ‚testing profession‘ was absolutely foregrounded in this conference. People talked about their jobs and shared their experiences, thoughts and ideas with other colleagues with the same jobs and profession! That was a thing that impressed me the most of all!

I met and talked with famous people like James Bach (http://www.satisfice.com/ ) who also took the key notes (= first presentation of the conference). Topic: ‚Testing and Checking explained‘ – a very interesting topic we talked about.

Here is the program that took place: http://lets-test.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/TLT-2015-v05.pdf

All in all I can say, that it was surely not the last software testing conference I visited!

My thoughts on attending testing conferences

Why should I as a software tester attend a testing conference?

1) It’s an option you have to meet people with the same profession and with same or similar jobs. People who love their job, talk about it – they confer about it and work together on new ideas and thoughts.

2) To attend testing conferences can help you to develope new thoughts and ideas on your profession as a tester. It helps you to sharpen and open your mind for new things. Afer attending a conference it might happen that you think different about things then before. But all this can help you doing jour job better then before.

3) To attend a testing conference might help you to prevent an organizational blindness based on your daily job as a tester.

4) Compared to other professions and disciplines: An electrician might visit an advanced training on a certain electric product. Architects might visit old historical buildings to refresh their minds and get new ideas.  A mechanic might visit an event about the motor mechanics of formula one cars. A developer might improve his skills in programming on a conference for JAVA programmers.

5) I think people sometimes have to attend such events like conferences, when they must do it because e. g. their employer wants that they do it! But honestly: People who don’t want doing s. th. don’t have fun. And then they don’t do it by passion and profession. In this case I don’t really think that attending conferences will make sense. But people love to attend conferences or events when they love their job and doing it by passion! So why should a passionate software tester who loves his job not attend a software testing conference? At least I can say, that attending testing conferences makes fun! 🙂

What do you think about it?

kind regards, Ralf


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Hi folks! My name is Ralf and I'm living in Germany. I'm a software tester. And I'm doing this job by passion. My ultimate ambition is always to find bugs in software. And there are so many ways to do that... In my opinion, testing is more then checking, if an exepected result will come true when the necessary premisses exists... Testing has always something to do with: exploring the SUT, usability, requirements, asking the right questions, asking them to the right people, metrics, models, your own mind, and, and, and... So testing has his own spirit. If you like to know more, I'd like to invite you to follow my blog: thespiritoftesting.wordpress.com KR, Ralf

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